Student Testimonials

MKTYP students smiling

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  • I truly feel like I am a part of a family—the MKTYP family. – Ali Albalakhi MKTYP ’17, Brandeis ’22
  • MKTYP develops talents, establishes futures, and creates testimonies. – Agnes Nkansah MKTYP ’17, Brandeis ’21
  • Although it has only been a year, I felt like I have made significant progress as I metamorphose into the scholar that I will ultimately become. – Kareem Adams MKTYP ’17, Brandeis ’22
  • TYP to me was like the first gasp of air you take after emerging from a swim in the ocean. – Darryl David TYP ’04 and Brandeis ’09
  • The TYP is a learning experience that aided in my growth as a person and as a student. – Bianca Perdiz TYP ’09 and Brandeis ’14
  • Thank you and I love you with all my heart MKTYP!! – Gisel Urena MKTYP ’18, Brandeis ’23
  • Every member of the MKTYP program has a different story. But we all share a history of overcoming the hand that life dealt us. The fighting mentality that we all possess is what makes us such a special group. –Sekou Kaba TYP ’13 and Brandeis ’18
  • I couldn’t be more grateful to the MKTYP and Brandeis for the support and opportunities they’ve given me. I look forward to being a change agent and motivating the next generation to believe that dreams do come true. – Saint Cyr Dimanche MKTYP ’15 and Brandeis ’19
  • MKTYP was willing to see me for the passionate and hardworking student that I am. I look forward to not only being a Brandeisian but most importantly being a Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program Scholar. – Catherine Romero MKTYP ’18, Brandeis ’22
  • We have all reflected on our pasts, matured exponentially, and are able to value what TYP has given us. - Darryl David TYP ’04 and Brandeis ’09
  • To be a part of the Myra Kraft TYP program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. – Sekou Kaba TYP ’13 and Brandeis ’18
  • Through this program, I have gotten to know myself better and learned about the rich and powerful history of this program and the privilege that I have to be able to say I am a MKTYP alumna. – Gisel Urena MKTYP ’18, Brandeis ’22
  • Upon completing TYP, students have a deeper understanding of both themselves and the world. – Vicente Roberts TYP ’84, Brandeis ‘89
  • For me, the Brandeis Transitional Year Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Participating in the program has instilled qualities in me that I never thought I could have. – Vicente Roberts TYP ’84, Brandeis ‘89