Tips for Notetaking

Am I doing this right?

Good notes will:

"Don't try to write everything down word for word! Inject your own personality into your notes when appropriate — if you can re-phrase what the professor is saying in your own words then you'll have an easier time recalling the information later."

Before Class

“Depending on the class style, I may print slides out and take notes in the margins.”

“I try to print 3-4 slides per page so that I can write directly on the slides.”

During Class

After Class

“I make sure to integrate my class and book notes to make sure I understand the concepts completely.”

In Summary

This study resource was developed with input of groups of student leaders associated with Academic Services: BUGS and SSSP tutors, Disabilities notetakers, Fellowship recipients and Roosevelt Fellows. The leaders surveyed represented all class years and academic disciplines. Many thanks to all who participated in our survey — we were glad to benefit from your expertise, and hope other students who use this resource will be as well!