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Committee Letter Process

The Board of Pre-Health Advisors is composed of members of the faculty and administrators. The Board assists current students and alumni who are ready to apply to medical or other health professions schools in two important ways.

  1. Advisors work with students individually as they develop the various aspects of their applications, and help students assess the strengths and weaknesses of their candidacies.
  2. The Board provides a letter of recommendation for students applying to medical or other health professions schools. Medical (MD and DO), dental, podiatric medical, and optometry schools either require or very highly recommend such a letter of recommendation for applicants.


To receive a letter from the Board, applicants are required to take the following steps.

  • Attend an Applicant Workshop Session. Sessions are held throughout the fall semester on various days of the week.
  • Submit an Intake Form and Meet With a Pre-Health Advisor. In this meeting, you'll discuss your candidacy, and the Pre-Health Advising team will get to know you better as you start the Board and committee letter process.
  • Complete Slate Application. This is our internal application system. The application consists of materials that you will need to prepare to apply to programs, including a personal statement, activities list, transcripts, and short answer essays.
  • Interview With Members of the Board. The interview allows the Board to become familiar with each student applying to medical or other health professions schools. They are held during the spring semester of each year.
  • Request Individual Letters of Recommendation. We require between 3-5 individual letters of recommendation. Two letters must come from science faculty, and the other letter(s) can come from anyone of your choosing. Your letter writers will upload these directly to the Slate application on your behalf.

The Committee Letter of Recommendation from the Board of Pre-Health Advisors

The committee letter includes a holistic letter written by the Board as well as all of your individual letters of recommendation. These are then submitted as a complete packet to the centralized application on your behalf.

Brandeis Board of Pre-Health Advisors

  • Kate Stutz, PhD, Director of Pre-Health Advising
  • Sarah Curi, JD, MPH, Lecturer, Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Legal Studies Programs
  • Milos Dolnik, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Thuy Lam, Lecturer, Health: Science, Society, & Policy, and Biology
  • Maria de Boef Miara, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
  • Linda Pololi, Distinguished Research Scientist, Women's Studies Research Center
  • Sandra Sylvestre, MA, Assistant Director of Career Development, Hiatt Career Center
  • Rebecca Torrey, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Elanah Uretsky, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Emily Westover, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
  • Ellen Wright, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology