All students are expected to attend classes regularly. Students on probation are compelled by university policy to attend every class meeting. In addition, an individual faculty member may establish attendance requirements for all students in the course, and may insist on the completion of all assignments even if a student was not in attendance for the period. Tardy students may be marked absent at the discretion of the instructor.

Students who need to miss class due to illness, family emergency or any otherwise unavoidable reason are advised to contact both their academic advisor and the professor(s) or TA(s) of the course(s) affected, whether by email, phone, etc. This initial notification does not ensure an extension or the opportunity to make up an examination. Students will need to discuss the matter in greater detail with their professor(s) in order to make specific arrangements. The Brandeis Health Center does not write "sick or excuse notes" for class absences.

Students with a serious illness or condition that lasts longer than a few days or results in hospitalization should contact the Academic Services Office (781-736-3470) for advice on managing their academic obligations and their health conditions. In these serious situations, Academic Services can facilitate communication and medical accommodations. The Health Center, with written consent from the student, can validate conditions and care plans as needed.

In rare circumstances, students may have to miss more than a week of class due to serious illness or to family emergencies. In these cases, a student should be in immediate contact with his/her academic advisor to discuss what options may be available. Because class participation and peer learning are important aspects of the Brandeis educational experience, students who miss more than two weeks of class ordinarily withdraw from the semester.