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Headshot of Lola
Study Skills

Tutor: Lola Hamilton
Email: lhamilton@brandeis.edu
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 Lola is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia. She is majoring in Anthropology and German Studies and she is a CA in East Quad. Lola plays volleyball for both Brandeis women's team and their coed team. She loves to read and would love to hear about what you think she should read next! Lola is looking forward to meeting you all and helping you transition into the expectations of higher education.

Headshot of Tasha
Study Skills

Tutor: Tasha Epstein
Email: tepstein@brandeis.edu
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Tasha (she/her) is a junior from the Bay Area, California, triple-majoring in Sociology, American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and double-minoring in Legal Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. She’s been involved with the Brandeis Gender and Sexuality Center, faculty research through Brandeis, and currently serves as a student representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee as well as being a Roosevelt Fellow. She can also be found working at various internships or odd on-campus jobs. In her spare time, she loves to explore new places and attend concerts. Feel free to ask her about time management, study habits, cross-listing/double-counting limits, or her four cats! 

Headshot of Erica
Arabic 20b, 40b

Tutor: Erica Egleston
Email: ericaegleston@brandeis.edu
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Erica (she/her) is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland, studying History and Computer Science with a minor in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture. She's a pedagogical partner and undergraduate researcher in the History department, working on the macrohistory of diaspora Ottoman and Arab immigrants using computational methods. She's also a member of Brandeis Television, and naturally likes spending her free time watching movies, in addition to baking and hiking!
Headshot of Jacob Gehtman
Biochemistry 100a

Tutor: Jacob Gehtman
Email: jacobgehtman@brandeis.edu
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Jacob (he/him/his) is a rising senior from Concord MA, pursuing a dual BS/MS degree in biochemistry. The highlight of Jacob's Brandeis experience thus far has been conducting enzymology research in the Oprian Lab, helping students find research opportunities as a peer mentor through the URCC, and, of course, getting to know so many wonderful people on campus! When not in the Shapiro Science Center, Jacob enjoys staying active through running, weightlifting, and a bunch of other sports, playing chess and the sax, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Headshot of Maya
Bio 14a, 15b, 18a

Tutor: Maya Katz
Email: mayakatz@brandeis.edu
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Maya (she/her) is a junior from Livingston, New Jersey. She is double majoring in Neuroscience and Biology and works in the Sengupta Lab as an undergraduate research assistant. Maya is also a peer mentor for the URCC and is a member of the Chabad Club student board.

Headshot of Shoshanna
Biology 14a, 15b, 18a

Tutor: Shoshana Solomon 
Email: daphnesolomon@brandeis.edu 
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Shoshana is a midyear student from New Jersey. She is a Senior studying Biology and HSSP and is first-year Master's student in Brandeis' Biotechnology program. She was an undergraduate researcher in the Lovett lab for two years and also served as a Biolab TA. She is very excited to be returning to BUGS tutoring for the second year! Feel free to reach out regarding anything science related!

Headshot of Samantha
Business 6a

Tutor: Samantha Malley
Email: sammymalley@brandeis.edu
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Sammy (she/her/hers) is a Senior from Las Vegas, Nevada double majoring in Business and Psychology. She is a member of the Brandeis Entrepreneurship and Tech Association and the Brandeis Soccer Club. Sammy loves to read, go to the beach, and is planning on pursuing a career in marketing after graduating.

Headshot of Ashna
Business 71a

Tutor: Ashna Kelkar
Email: ashnakelkar@brandeis.edu
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Ashna (she/her) is a senior from Piscataway, New Jersey studying HSSP and Business. She is involved with Waltham Group as the vice president and the coordinator for Advocates for Community Transformation. Outside or school, she enjoys reading, dancing, and going to the gym.

Headshot of Katie
Chemistry 11b, 15b, 18b, 19b

Tutor: Katie Lyons
Email: klyons@brandeis.edu
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Katie is a senior from Tallahassee Florida. She is a QBReC fellow majoring in chemical biology. Besides classes, she spends her time doing research in the Rosbash lab, planning events for Catholic Student Organization, and tutoring general chemistry. Katie also loves spending time watching Marvel movies, talking about Harry Potter, and building legos.

Headshot of Dylan
Chemistry 11b, 15b, 18b, 19b

Tutor: Dylan Labbe
Email: dlabbe@brandeis.edu
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Dylan is a sophomore from Sharon, MA majoring in Chemical Biology. He is a member of the Biochemistry club. Dylan is interested in how developments in chemistry can help medical-research. In his free time he enjoys going on hikes or catching as many baseball games as he can. Feel free to reach out with any questions about any of your general chemistry courses!

Headshot of Gabby
Chemistry 25b, 29b

Tutor: Gabby Wernick
Email: gwernick@brandeis.edu
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Gabby (she/her) is a junior from Scottsdale, Arizona, and will be your Organic Chemistry BUGS tutor! She is majoring in Neuroscience and Biology with minors in Psychology and Politics. She is a part of Waltham Group, a course assistant for General Chemistry, and a research assistant in the Katz Lab, in addition to other similar activities. If you want to know how to get involved in research, participate in community service, or learn how to make connections with your professors, don't hesitate to reach out!

Headshot of Baogen Chen
Chinese 20b, 40b, 105b

Tutor: Baogen Chen
Email: baogenchen@brandeis.edu
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Hello everyone! My name is Baogen Chen, you could call me Michael, a junior currently majoring in Econ and Business. I have been a Chinese BUGS tutor since Fall 2022. Xi 'an, China is my hometown. This city has witnessed the history of China for nearly five thousand years. I love learning Chinese and Chinese culture, and I would like to share it with friends all over the world. Culture knows no borders. I look forward to communicating with you about anything regarding the Chinese language and culture!

Headshot of Katherine
Computer Science 10a, 12b, 21a

Tutor: Katherine Hsu
Email: katherinehsu@brandeis.edu
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Katherine Hsu is a sophomore triple majoring in Economics, Computer Science, and Business. Her hometowns include Woodbury, MN (birthplace); Shanghai, China; and Midlothian, VA, so she speaks both English and Mandarin. She is currently the Head TA for COSI12B and Director of Alumni Relations for TAMID Group. In her free time Katherine enjoys running, playing the piano and singing, and watching sitcoms (especially Friends). In the future Katherine hopes to pursue a career in the finance. Feel free to reach out to her to get help for courses or just chat about TV shows and music!

Headshot of Mahmoud
Computer Science 10a, 12b, 21a

Tutor: Mahmoud Salah
Email: mahmoudsalah@brandeis.edu
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Mahmoud is a senior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math. He is involved in many clubs and activities on campus, including chess, skiing, and soccer. His interests include building cool projects in hackathons, going to the gym, and learning cutting techniques for vegetables. Feel free to reach out with any questions about classes, internships, or just about anything!

Headshot of Harry
Economics 2a, 10a, 20a, 28a

Tutor: Harry Xiao
Email: youkangxiao@brandeis.edu
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Harry Xiao (he/him) is a junior double majoring in economics and psychology, with minors in sexuality and queer studies and business. In the previous academic year, Harry served as a URCC undergraduate faculty research assistant, delving into the critical issues of social media and online harassment experienced by individuals from diverse backgrounds, including people of color and gender minorities. This year, Harry is excited to continue his role as a peer research mentor, making him a valuable resource for any questions related to economics or research. Don't hesitate to reach out; he's here to help!

Headshot of Ally
Economics 80a, 82b, 83a,184b

Tutor: Ally Chen
Email: allychen@brandeis.edu
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Hi everyone, meet Ally (she/her)! She was born and raised in NYC and decided to come to a quiet area in Massachusetts to pursue a double major in Economics and Business here at Brandeis. Whether it is Theory, Statistics, or Econometrics, Ally has been in your shoes and has had her fair share of struggles before appreciating and understanding all that is taught in these classes. Outside of classes, she enjoys (does she?) shooting arrows in Gosman and losing Bingo nights at Brandeis. Ally is excited to be your Economics BUGS Tutor, so please reach out with any questions!

Headshot of Alyssa
French 10a, 20b, 32a, 104, 105

Tutor: Alyssa Knudsen
Email: alyssaknudsen@brandeis.edu
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Alyssa Knudsen is a senior from Portland, Oregon, studying Politics and French and Francophone Studies. She is involved in Waltham Group, Gravity, and Hillel, Chamber Singers. Students can talk with her about anything, especially lifting, tattoos, and magical realism and horror literature.

German 20b

Tutor: Deborah Engelberg
Email: engelbergd@brandeis.edu
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Meet Debbie (she/her), a junior from Vienna, Austria! She majors in computer science and minors in Economics. When she's not immersed in coding, you might find her as CEO of BETA (Brandeis Entrepreneurship and Tech Association) or giving a campus tour. Debbie also finds joy in singing, playing tennis, drawing, cycling, soccer, and going for a run. German is her native language and she loves helping others in learning it. Feel free to reach out to her!!

Headshot of Ian Jacobs
Hebrew 10a, 20b

Tutor: Ian Jacobs 
Email: nathanieljacobs@brandeis.edu
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Ian Jacobs (he/they) is a sophomore Linguistics major and Architecture minor from Framingham, Massachusetts. He is the BUGS tutor for Hebrew and plans on going into language teaching after college. They are also the Vice President of Queer Jews at Brandeis and have performed in shows with both UTC and HTP. In his free time, they enjoy making good coffee, learning languages, and staying up far too late with their friends.

Headshot of Noam
Hebrew 30a, 40a

Tutor: Noam Reiner
Email: noamreiner@brandeis.edu
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Noam is a freshman from Haifa, Israel. She is a first-generation student majoring in Computer Science. Additionally, she is a Break Through Tech participant at MIT. Aside from Computer Science, Noam serves as a Hebrew Teaching Assistant for the 100s classes and is a Brandeis Hebrew Teaching Fellow. Outside of school, she enjoys playing soccer, tennis, baking, and hiking. She is excited to share about her native language and culture!

Headshot of Iva
Hispanic Studies 10a, 20b, 32a

Tutor: Iva Dujmic
Email: ivadujmic@brandeis.edu
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Iva (she/her) is a senior from Arlington, MA majoring in Psychology and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She is a research assistant in the Aging, Culture, & Cognition lab at Brandeis, and is excited to be part of the BUGS tutoring team this year! Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions about psychology research, or if you just want to chat about effective study methods. She is looking forward to working with you!

Headshot of Lance
Hispanic Studies 10a, 20b, 32a

Tutor: Lance Rothchild
Email: rothchild@brandeis.edu
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Lance is a sophomore from Park City, UT pursuing a double major in History and Hispanic Studies, with a minor in History of Ideas. He's an active member and song leader at Brandeis Reform Chavurah and Vice President of False Advertising. Some of Lance's interests include playing piano and guitar, casually watching the English Premier League, and reading fiction (some favorites are Cormac McCarthy and Roberto Bolaño). Lance has studied Spanish for six years – both in school and on his own – and he's excited to help students at Brandeis improve their Spanish and encourage them to make language learning a lifelong priority. Oh – and he's very excited to meet you (yes, you!).

Headshot of Batya
Italian 20b

Tutor: Batya Schwarz
Email: batyaschwarz@brandeis.edu
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Batya (she/her) is a senior at Brandeis studying Sociology and Psychology with a minor in Studio Art. She just returned from a fantastic semester in Italy and originally hails from Baltimore, MD. In her spare time she enjoys reading classic literature, working on creative projects and pretending to know how to dance.

Headshot of AJ
Italian 105a, 134b

Tutor: AJ Pesaro
Email: asiapesaro@brandeis.edu
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AJ Pesaro is a senior international student. They are Italian but grew up in London, England, and are one of Brandeis' Davis Scholars. AJ is double majoring in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Film; they currently work on-campus in the theatre costume shop and remotely as a transcriber/subtitler. They are also Brandeis' Creative Writing UDR, love to read and write, and are always happy to chat-- in both English and Italian!

Headshot of Lynca Saito
Japanese 20b, 40b, 105b

Tutor: Lynca Saito
Email: lsaito@brandeis.edu
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Hi everyone! My name is Lynca Saito, and I'm a junior from NYC majoring in business, IGS, and music. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I'm a native Japanese speaker, and I love digging into and talking about Japanese culture, including food, anime, J-pop, and anything else. I'm currently also the co-president of JSA, the Japanese Student Association. Feel free to talk to me about anything, whether it be about class or just about Japanese culture in general. I look forward to talking to you all!

Headshot of Coco
Korean 20b, 40b

Tutor: Coco He
Email: cocohe@brandeis.edu 
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Coco is a sophomore from Wuhan, China. She is a psychology major who is also interested in education and Korean. Coco is an active member of the BLAH dance group. It is a small group who brings extremely powerful performances at many cultural shows on and off campus. She would love talking to you about dancing and K-POP!

Latin 20b

Tutor: John Mauro
Email: johnmauro@brandeis.edu  
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John (he/him) is a junior from New Milford, NJ majoring in Chemical Biology and Classical Studies. He has been studying Latin for 10 years and has a great appreciation for Roman prose and poetry. He is also one of the UDRs for the Classics department. In his free time, he is a member of BAASA and loves to rock climb. Please feel free to talk with John on any classically-inclined topics you find interesting!

Headshot of Sohjeong
Math 10a, 10b

Tutor: Sohjeong Kim
Email: sohjeongkim@brandeis.edu
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Hi! I am a Junior majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Architectural Studies! I love how calculus is so relevant to our daily lives and to chemistry! I am really happy that I can make math less intimating for you, so please do ask me a lot of questions! Outside of class, I love hiking, so please let me know if you know of good trails around here!

Headshot of Pham
Math 15a

Tutor: Phuong Pham
Email: phuongpham@brandeis.edu
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Phuong is a junior from Vietnam, majoring in Mathematics and Biological Physics. She is a die-hard Jane Austen fan, rock listener, and sudoku lover. She loves to chat about reading, crafts and all math related things in general. Feel free to get in touch to talk about Math15a, the Beatles, knitting, or anything between!

Headshot of Sarah
Math 20a

Tutor: Sarah Levine
Email: sarahlevine@brandeis.edu
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Sarah (She/Her) is a senior from Boston studying Applied Mathematics and Philosophy. She is currently working on her senior thesis for math and on her research in the philosophy of artificial intelligence. She likes to sew and sells her clothes made from landfill-bound fabrics with her company Sage Threading. She approaches everything with creative problem solving and wants to help others feel they can approach math in the same way. Sarah believes there is no right or wrong way to learn or understand math and wants to help everyone feel successful and calm in their study of linear algebra or multivariable calculus. She hopes everyone feels welcome to join her no matter how much math they know or don't... yet!

Headshot of Anthony
Music 101, 103

Tutor: Anthony Quinn
Email: anthonyquinn@brandeis.edu
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Anthony Quinn is a first year Masters Student in Musicology here at Brandeis. His pronouns are He/Him/His, and he graduated as a Brandeis Alumn with a Bachleors of Music and Computer Science minor. He is from Norwood, Massachusetts and has done much volunteer work with Waltham Group (particularly as a tutor). He is a violist of the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra and loves video games and anime. You can talk to him about anything, not just school-related subjects, as he is a good listener.

Headshot of Margaret
NPSY 11b

Tutor: Margaret Lee
Email: margaretlee@brandeis.edu
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 Margaret (she/her) is a senior pursuing a B.S./M.S. in neuroscience from CT. She's currently working in the Marder Lab and working on her thesis. In her spare time, she plays golf, goes go-karting, and likes to go cold water swimming.

Headshot of Divij
Physics 10a/b, 11a/b, 15a/b, 18a/b, 19a/b

Tutor: Divij Gupta
Email: divij@brandeis.edu
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Hi everyone! My name is Divij and I'm a senior from India. I'm double majoring in Physics and Math and I'm also working as an undergraduate researcher with Professor Apyan and Professor Headrick. I've been the Physics BUGS tutor since 2022 and I'm excited to meet all of you! You can book a session with me through the booking link, but if none of those times work for you or you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime via email!

Headshot of Zhenze
Psychology 51a

Tutor: Zhenze Li
Email: zhenzeli@brandeis.edu
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Zhenze is a senior double majoring in psychology and education studies, with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality. Zhenze is also working on a senior thesis that examines the role of cognitive emotion regulation strategies in the relationship between executive functioning and anxiety. Zhenze also serves as the UDR for the psychology department. Talk to Zhenze if you have any questions about the psychology major or writing a senior thesis!

Headshot of Iva
Psychology 52a

Tutor: Iva Dujmic
Email: ivadujmic@brandeis.edu
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Iva (she/her) is a senior from Arlington, MA majoring in Psychology and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She is a research assistant in the Aging, Culture, & Cognition lab at Brandeis, and is excited to be part of the BUGS tutoring team this year! Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions about psychology research, or if you just want to chat about effective study methods. She is looking forward to working with you!

Headshot of Berta Muza
Russian 20b, 39b, 40b

Tutor: Berta Muza
Email: bertamuza@brandeis.edu
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My name is Berta Muza, I'm from San Francisco California. I'm class of 2025 and am majoring in IGS with a minor in Italian and Russian. I'm a big language nerd, so a lot of my free time tends to go into research or learning new languages. Aside from that though I love reading detective novels, listening to music, and playing piano.