Roosevelt Fellow Bios

 Aneesh Avancha is a junior from Southington, CT. He is a pre-health student at Brandeis, majoring in Neuroscience and Biology along with a minor in chemistry. He is planning to attend med school and eventually become a practicing physician. In the summer of 2020, he is able to gain further insight into the field of medicine by interning in the Emergency Department at the Tufts Medical Center. Outside of his studies, Aneesh is a member of the Brandeis varsity baseball team and enjoys working out with his teammates on a consistent basis. Culturally, Aneesh is of Indian descent and a first generation United States college student. You can talk to Aneesh about balancing extracurricular activities, navigating the pre-med world, applying for summer internships, and staying positive through challenging times.

Haley Brown is a junior from Belmont, Massachusetts majoring in American Studies and Film, Television & Interactive Media with minors in Legal Studies, English, and Creative Writing. In addition to being a Roosevelt Fellow, she is also an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for Legal Studies, the co-General Manager of WBRS (the Brandeis radio station), a Brandeis Ambassador for the Office of Admissions, a member of Brandeis Buddies, and part of the Schiff Fellowship program. Something that Haley thinks can be really important for academic success is simply getting to know your professors — not only is it a great way to feel more engaged with the material, but you might even make a new friend out of it! You can talk to Haley about anything from academics, to music, to thrift stores and burger joints!

Daniela Delphus is a senior from Miami, FL majoring in HSSP and Psychology on the pre-medical track. Aside from being a Roosevelt Fellow, she is an undergraduate researcher for two psychology labs: the CARD and Lifespan Lab as well as the executive director of Kaos Kids, the only Hip Hop dance crew on campus. She also volunteers on-campus with SPECTRUM and off-campus at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. One piece of advice she has for a successful college life is to join numerous different clubs at the start, to find your people, those that like similar things or have the same values, and Brandeis will become your home away from home. You can talk to Daniela about anything including academics, homesickness, future plans or even hiking trails, thrift stores, or book recommendations.

Adam Fleishaker is a senior from Rye Brook, New York, double majoring in Computer Science and Business. Aside from being a Roosevelt Fellow, he is a tenor in Brandeis' musical theatre a cappella group, Proscenium. He has also been a teaching assistant and BUGS tutor (currently a teaching assistant for Software Entrepreneurship), and the former president of BITMAP, Brandeis' computer science club. One bit of advice Adam would give Brandeisians is to take time to develop your academic game plan. Don't be afraid to experiment, figuring out how and where you best study, what topics interest you, and what your goals are! You can talk to Adam about anything, including computer science and business requirements/planning, career goals and professional development, time management, and academic stressors, as well as non-academic topics like musical theatre, video games, tech, late night hosts, and the latest memes and puns!

Anushka Ghosh is a senior living in Westborough, Massachusetts, but originally from India. At Brandeis, she is pursuing a biology major with minors in studio art and chemistry and is on the pre-health track. She is also a first-generation college student and has experience adjusting to the college lifestyle. In addition, she TA's organic chemistry and is part of the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCO). You can talk to Anushka about pre-med requirements, scheduling, late night comedy, or places to travel!

Ryan Partlan is a junior and native of Newburyport, Massachusetts. He is majoring in linguistics and applied mathematics with a minor in computer science. He is also a math tutor at the Quantitative Skills Center at Brandeis, and the UDR for the linguistics department. His recommendation for academic success is to never sell yourself short. Challenge yourself. Never fear your future, seize it! Ryan would love to talk with you about philosophy, science, birds, and strategies for navigating Brandeis on a longboard with minimal maiming/mortality. Don’t be afraid to reach out! 

Adina Scheinberg is a senior from Hoboken, NJ. While she majors in American Studies and History and minors in Legal Studies and NEJS, she loves taking classes across multiple departments and thinking about how different subjects intersect. She encourages every first year to take courses that interest you and push you out of your comfort zone. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover your major or future career path! On campus, she is also involved in Jewish life, Brandeis Bridges, interfaith dialogue, and work at the Hiatt Career Center. She spent her junior year studying in England at the University of Oxford and would love to help students who have questions about academic planning while abroad. Come talk to Adina about anything, from writing essays and choosing classes to the best coffee shops near campus and early 2000s music! 

Panny Tao is a senior from Hunan, China double majoring in International & Global Studies and East Asian Studies with minors in History and Legal Studies. At Brandeis, she was in the Japanese Student Association for three years and was part of Deis’s Impact and Student Chorus. She is also a big fan of learning languages! In addition to Mandarin and English, she took Korean for a year in Brandeis and studied abroad for a summer in Seoul. She also took French for a year in Sophomore year and studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland where her focus was on International Law and French. One piece of advice is to explore different disciplines and challenge yourself! You don’t have to limit your courses to only your major and minor, go ahead and take one or two courses every semester for exploration and enrich your college experiences! Also, if you have time to study abroad, definitely go for it! You can talk to Panny about topics like academics, recommendations for extra-curriculur activities, encountering cultural differences and adapting your amazing new life in the U.S. 

Shania Thomas is a senior from Manalapan, New Jersey. Her majors are Politics and HSSP with minors in Legal Studies and SJSP. She is a member of the Student Union, the Christian fellowship on campus, Cru, and is a UDR for the Politics Department. She thinks that the best way to succeed in college is to treat it like the adventure it is. As your major permits, take at least one class outside your department a semester to broaden your horizons. You can talk to Shania about how to go about that, dorm cooking and baking, board games, or all things advocacy anytime! Feel free to reach out and chat.

Ekenedilichukwu Uwanaka is am a senior from the Bronx, New York City. He is majoring in Neuroscience and Biology along with a minor in Philosophy. He is a recipient of the Posse Foundation scholarship and a supervisor for the Campus Center Team. He believes practicing self-advocacy is very important to academic success because it gives students agency over the resources available to them. Self-advocacy also provides students with a way to make their academic concerns heard by the instructor, which is conducive to a positive learning environment. You can talk to Ekenedilichukwu about academics, campus life, music, fashion…almost anything; please feel free to reach out!