2023-2024 Roosevelt Fellow Bios

Headshot of Bronwyn

Major/Minor: IIM in Media, Culture and Communication, Minors in Business and Hispanic Studies
Affiliations:  Student-Athlete, LGBTQ+
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Bronwyn (she/they) is a junior from San Francisco, CA with an Independent Interdisciplinary Major in Media, Culture, and Communication along with minors in Hispanic Studies and Business. She is a member of the Brandeis Varsity Fencing Team and Adagio Dance Company’s Dance Ensemble. Bronwyn is an avid music lover and passionate about Rom-Coms. They have numerous on-campus jobs (most of which are in athletics) and are happy to discuss strategies for balancing academics, athletics, and work. Feel free to reach out to Bronwyn about creating your own major, adjusting to life at Brandeis, Student Accessibility Services, the Mets, and/or good music!!
Headshot of Caitlin

Major/Minor: Biology, minors in Studio Art and Education Studies
Affiliations: LGBTQ+, Pre-Health student, Student of Color, Student with a Chronic Condition
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Caitlin Samson (she/her) is a Junior from New Jersey majoring in Biology and minoring in Studio Art and Education Studies. She is a pre-medical student with strong passions for pediatrics and teaching. Aside from being a Roosevelt Fellow, Caitlin is a Supplemental Instructional Leader for General Chemistry and is involved with various clubs. She is the President of Education for Students by Students, APAHM Closing Coordinator for the Brandeis Asian American Students Association (BAASA), a pottery instructor for Pottery Club, an active EMT in BEMCo, and founder and director of the Bethlehem Chapel Choir. You can find Caitlin spending her free time practicing piano, painting, listening to all kinds of music, wandering around museums, or on her way to Boston to get matcha ice cream latte floats!

Feel free to reach out to Caitlin to talk about anything including adjusting to college life, managing accommodations with Student Accessibility Support, navigating your personal pre-health track, planning your academic career, tips for living a well-balanced lifestyle during your time at Brandeis and any of her passions and extracurriculars! She is dedicated to listening and helping you achieve your goals with utmost enthusiasm!

Headshot of Darwin

Majors: Business and International and Global Studies
Affiliations: First Generation College Student, Low-Income Student, Student of Color
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Darwin Leyva (He/Him) is a senior from Denver, Colorado. He is a first-generation student majoring in Business & International and Global Studies. In addition to being a Roosevelt Fellow, he is on the E-board for BLSO (Brandeis Latinx Student Organization) and a part of the ICC Coalition Leadership Board. Besides academics and involvement in clubs around campus, Darwin understands the difficulty of transitioning into your first year as an out-of state, first-generation student and is open to talk about anything. Whether in need of advice to help navigate your first year, a better picture about academics, questions about Brandeis or on-campus clubs, feel free to reach out!

Headshot of Eleftheria

Majors: IIM in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Business 
Affiliations: International Student, Low-Income Student, Student with a Disability/Disabled Student
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Eleftheria Topaloglou (she/her) is an undergraduate international student in the class of 2024. She is originally from Pella, Greece and she is studying Business and Applied Behavioral Sciences (IIM). In her free time, she likes dancing ballet and playing tennis. Apart from being a Roosevelt Fellow, she is an ISSO Ambassador, a Brandeis Sustainability Ambassador and she is the marketing intern for Hiatt Career Center. She is very passionate about environmentalism and fashion. She recently studied abroad in Milan, Italy, so feel free to ask her about any study abroad tips or anything else you wish to talk about. She decided to become an ISSO Student Ambassador because she loves helping other international students, since she is an international student herself and has to deal with similar situations.  

Headshot of Grace

Major: Psychology and Music Composition
Affiliations: Pre-Health Student, LGBTQ+
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Grace DeRoche (she/they) is a senior from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is majoring in Psychology and Music Composition, and plans to pursue a career in occupational therapy. They are a UDR for the music department, music director for Too Cheap For Instruments A Capella, and a volunteer at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. She is passionate about helping students navigate the transition to college, especially out-of-state students like herself. They also enjoy talking with students about mental health, planning for graduate school, and exploring passions outside of academics.  

Headshot of Ianna

Major: Computer Science, Environmental Studies
Affiliations: POSSE, Scholar, Student of Color, Student-Athlete
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Originally from Jamaica, NY, Ianna (she/her) is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. After graduation, she plans to continue conducting scientific research which is an interest that has been fostered throughout her study abroad program as well as various the internships she has participated in. On campus she serves as a UDR for the ENVS department, a study abroad ambassador, as well as one of the leaders for the JBS Christian organization! In her free time she is teaching herself how to play the piano, loves writing poems and enjoys singing, photography and video editing! Please feel free to reach out to Ianna with any questions regarding study abroad, finding a mentor and networking/interview skills, or if you are interested in discussing things such as hobbies and fun activities.

Headshot of Bella

Major: Biology and Health Science Society and Policy
Affiliations: Midyear Student, Pre-Health Student, Pre-Dental Student
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Isabella (“Bella”) Doulas (she/her) is a senior from Naperville, IL double majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. At Brandeis, Bella is a Peer Health Educator/Coordinator for Bridge to Wellness, President of Pre-Dental Society, a Physiology Teaching Assistant, and a Research Fellow at the Lurie Institute. She is also an active member of Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK) and is a recipient of the Giumette Academic Achievement Award. Off campus, she works as a dental assistant for a private practice in Wellesley and is a Pre-Dental Fellow for HSDM ASDA. She loves to bike around the city, hammock outdoors, and is passionate about living a meaningful life! You can reach out to Bella for academic insight, advice on good eats in Boston, or for a dose of encouragement.

Headshot of Katherine

Major: Neuroscience, Biology
Affiliations: Pre-Health Student, Student of Color
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Katherine (she/her) is a senior from the Bronx, NY studying Neuroscience and Biology on the pre-health track. In addition to being a Roosevelt Fellow, she is a part of FOCA, Kaos Kids, volunteers at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and previously worked in a chemical biology research lab. Outside of her academics, she enjoys going to movie theaters, discovering new music, cooking, and exploring the outdoors. So, you should come to Katherine with any questions ranging from any pre-health concerns to movie recommendations! 

Headshot of Najla

Major/Minor: Biology and Health Science Society and Policy, Minor in Chemistry
Affiliations: MLK Fellow, First Generation College Student, Low-Income Student, Pre-Health Student, Student of Color
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Najla (she/her) is a dedicated and passionate individual pursuing a double major in biology and public health, with a minor in chemistry on the pre-med track. She was born in Pakistan, though she moved to Massachusetts at the age of 3. Despite her love for her current home, she always cherishes the opportunity to visit her family in Pakistan.

Najla takes pride in her involvement with various identity and cohort groups on campus. She serves as a board member of the Muslim Student Association, contributing to the development of an inclusive and supportive environment for Muslim students on campus. Furthermore, Najla takes on the role of TAPS Coordinator for Waltham Group, organizing and leading initiatives that promote involvement and assistance for the local schools in the community.

Approachable and open-minded, Najla welcomes conversations on a wide range of topics. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of biology or discussing the art of crocheting, she finds great joy in connecting with others and sharing her knowledge. Students can always count on Najla for a friendly chat or seeking guidance in both academic and non-academic realms. Feel free to stop by and strike up a conversation with Najla!

Headshot of Mila

Major/Minor: Biology, Neuroscience, Minor in Journalism 
Affiliations: Pre-health Student, LGBTQ+
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 Mila Manic (she/hers) is a senior from Plymouth, MA who is double majoring in Biology and Neuroscience and minoring in Journalism. She is on the Pre-Health track and plans to pursue an MD-PhD after college. Outside of being a Roosevelt Fellow, Mila is heavily involved in research on campus and actively works as a research assistant at the Rodal Lab. She is also the secretary of a new club, the Brandeis Science Research Connection Club, which helps connect inexperienced students to research opportunities on and off campus. Outside of Brandeis, you can find Mila attending to patients as a Medical Scribe at Umass Memorial Hospital or skiing down the icy slopes of Killington Mountain in Vermont. Feel free to reach out to her regarding STEM and Pre-Health related questions, research experience, or journalism!

Headshot ofNoah

Major/Minor: Comparative Literature and International and Global Studies, Minors in Politics and Legal Studies
Affiliations: Humanities Fellow, Pre-Law Student, LGBTQ+, Non-Binary Student, Student with a Disability/Disabled Student
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Noah Risley (they/them) is an International & Global Studies and Comparative Literature double major and a Legal Studies and Politics double minor. They're originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, and love to talk about the South with anyone that will listen. They will also be the President of the Student Union for the '23 - '24 academic year and serving on the Brandeis Democrats Executive Board. They're very engaged in Waltham politics, and worked over the summer on Jonathan Paz's mayoral campaign. They're also a bit of a coffee snob, a Twitter addict, and a Taco Bell fan.

Headshot of Tasha

Major/Minor: Sociology, American Studies, and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, Minors in Legal Studies, Social Justice and Social Policy
Affiliations: Midyear Student, LGBTQ+ Student, Pre-Law Student, Student with a Chronic Condition
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Tasha (she/her) is a junior from the Bay Area, California, triple-majoring in Sociology, American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and double-minoring in Legal Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. She’s been involved with the Brandeis Gender and Sexuality Center, faculty research through Brandeis, and currently serves as a student representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee as well as being a Roosevelt Fellow. She can also be found working at various internships or odd on-campus jobs. In her spare time, she loves to explore new places and attend concerts. Feel free to ask her about time management, study habits, cross-listing/double-counting limits, or her four cats!