Add/Drop and Pass/Fail Guidance

Add/Drop Period

Brandeis offers students the opportunity to explore course offerings during the add/drop period.

Advisors can give the following guidance to students:

Students should consider the following when adding or dropping a class after the first session:

Chairs can give the following guidance to faculty:

Faculty who are concerned about students adding or dropping courses after the first class session/s should consider including syllabus statements, such as:

Faculty can also request that the Registrar’s office add an “instructor’s signature required for admission” provision for the course to regulate add/drops.

Instructors cannot drop students directly from a course, and must request that the Registrar’s office manually intervene; such drops will only be accommodated if there is explicit language in the course description and syllabus regarding the required attendance policy.

Pass/Fail Option

The pass/fail option has been extended to coincide with the drop without a W deadline so that students who might otherwise drop non‐required courses can be encouraged to continue learning. This change aims to reduce the number of dropped courses in subjects which students are exploring out of interest, and to help students make more informed decisions based on greater knowledge of the grading practices and difficulty of classes, the students’ overall time commitments and their actual performance in these courses.

When guiding students’ enrollment choices, advisors might share the following sentiments: