Brandeis Summer Study Abroad Applications

You will need to complete two applications for study abroad in order to be eligible to study off-campus:

  • Brandeis online study abroad application
    • Deadline: Friday, March 1, 2024. All application materials are due by 11:59 p.m.
  • External study abroad program's application.
    • Individual program applications may be due as early as December, so please plan accordingly.
Note: Applications not completed by the above deadline will not be accepted.

Application Decision Notification

The study abroad application decisions for summer will be posted in early April. The Study Abroad Application Review Committee will review each application and consider it in terms of the selection criteria. Once the committee has reached its decision, you will receive an email notifying you to log into your online Brandeis Study Abroad account and read your decision letter.

If you are considering studying abroad this summer, please make an appointment to speak with the study abroad advisor assigned to your name group. It is highly recommended that you complete your summer program application well before the application deadline.

Application Overview

The Brandeis Summer Study Abroad Application consists of the following pieces:

1. The Proposed Courses Abroad form allows students to outline how their summer abroad aligns with their academic plans at Brandeis. To complete this form students will:

  • Propose course choices for their study abroad program

  • Receive a signature from any Study Abroad Faculty Liaison where credit is desired

Students will receive access to this form when they open a study abroad application.

2. Summer Requirements for Receiving Credit outlines the academic policies around summer study abroad and credit transfer.

3. The Statement of Agreement is your acknowledgement of awareness of Brandeis summer study abroad policies and procedures.

4. Community Agreements for Study Abroad reviews our Cultural Integration and housing philosophy and asks students to confirm their academic and conduct standing at Brandeis.

5. The Short Answer Questions for Brandeis Study Abroad. Students will be asked to answer:

a. Academics Abroad (at least 200 words)

  • What are your academic and intellectual goals for study abroad?
  • Why do the courses you proposed on your form interest you and how do they complement your studies at Brandeis?
  • What do you know about the academic environment of your program and why is this the best match for you academically? (For example, are you taking courses in a large lecture hall or in small, field-based courses?)

b. Culture and History (at least 200 words)

  • What differences do you expect to encounter between your culture and your prospective host culture?

  • Share something you have learned about the colonial history of the location in which you hope to study abroad. 

  • What are some current issues related to power and privilege in your host country?

c. Resiliency Abroad (at least 100 words)

  • What do you believe will be your biggest challenge while abroad? What will you do to prepare for this challenge and how will you manage it while abroad?

d. Reflection and Preparation (at least 200 words)

  • Think about your identities (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, etc.) and how you understand these aspects of yourself. How might these identities be impacted by or impact your study abroad experience?

  • If you could jump ahead in time, what do you hope you gained from studying abroad? How do you plan to move beyond being a tourist and engage with your host community and culture?

6. Sachar Scholarship Eligibility: This questionnaire will ask if you receive need-based financial aid and if you are interested in being considered for a Sachar Study Abroad Scholarship.

Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad if you would like to open a study abroad application. More information regarding the sections of the application is available in your individual Brandeis online study abroad account.