Approved Programs

The Brandeis University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has approved over 200 off-campus study programs in about 50 countries. In an effort to meet student interest and academic needs, this list is monitored and reviewed by the Office of Study Abroad. While Brandeis University offers its own programs, this comprehensive list allows students more options when exploring a semester or year off-campus.

Given the number of Approved Affiliated Programs, we encourage you to take your time researching programs. This research may include some of the First Steps as well as attending study abroad events and meeting with study abroad staff.

Select a region below for the list of programs approved by Brandeis or use the searchable Brandeis Study Abroad Approved List.

Programs in Australia/Pacific Islands Programs in Asia Programs in the Middle East Programs in Africa Programs in Europe Programs in Latin America Programs in North America

New Program Approval

If you are seeking a program or country that is not currently on the Approved Program List, there are resources available to help your search. For more information visit the New Program Approval page.