Application Process & Deadlines

You will need to complete two applications for study abroad (except for DIS program applicants) in order to be eligible to study off-campus:

Brandeis Study Abroad Application Deadline

Note: Applications not completed by the above deadline will not be accepted.

Application Decision Notification

The study abroad application decisions will be posted in early-March. The Study Abroad Application Review Committee will review each application and consider it in terms of the selection criteria. Once the Committee has reached its decision, you will receive an email notifying you to log into your online Brandeis Study Abroad account and read your decision letter.

Application Overview

The Brandeis application consists of the following pieces:

1. The Academic Proposal of Study is a form that should be printed, filled out, and turned in to the Office of Study Abroad by the application deadline.  The Academic Proposal of Study is integral in demonstrating your academic preparedness for study abroad.  In order for the document to be considered complete, you will need to submit the following:

Please note that you must meet with the Faculty Liaison for at least one of your majors by the application deadline, so plan ahead!

2. External Program Advisor Approval (Fall and Academic Year students; spring applicants will complete this at a later date)

As part of the external application process, many study abroad programs have either an electronic or paper Study Abroad Advisor Approval / Home School Nomination form that requires a signature from our office before you will be accepted to their program.

3. An Application Photo

4. Declared All intended Major(s) / Minor(s)

An important piece of your Brandeis Study Abroad Application is the requirement that you declare your Major(s) / Minor(s). Your application will be considered incomplete without a declared Major. By having your Major(s) / Minor(s) declared you'll be able to have a fuller conversation with your faculty about your programs' requirements and ensure you understand how courses taken abroad will count towards your academic career at Brandeis.

In order to declare your major, please visit this webpage on the Registrar's website.

5. External Application Submitted - Fall and Academic Year

Fall and Academic Year applicants are required to submit their external program applications by the Brandeis deadline (your program deadline may come earlier).

6. Study Abroad Funding Workshop

This online workshop will help explain some of the billing, budgeting, and financial processes, resources, and implications of studying abroad.

7. The Statement of Agreement is your acknowledgement of awareness of Brandeis study abroad policies and procedures.

8. Cultural Integration Statement is your acknowledgement and awareness of Brandeis' philosophy and policies on cultural integration, traveling during your program, and housing requirements.

9. The Application Statements for Brandeis Study Abroad. Students will be asked to answer:

a. Academics Abroad (250-300 words)

b. Culture and Location (250-300 words) c. Reflection and Preparation (250-300 words) d. Term of Study Rationale e. Academic and Judicial Standing f. Indication of an Alternate Program

11. A Funding and/or Financial Aid Quiz is required to ensure you understood the details of the Study Abroad Funding Virtual Workshop.

12. A recommendation from a Brandeis faculty member will only be required for specific programs.  In this case, in the online application you can email a request for a Brandeis faculty member to fill out a recommendation form.  However, since this email is automatically generated through the on-line system, we suggest that you first personally contact your recommender and inform them that they will receive the email request from the Office of Study Abroad.

For tips on requesting a recommendation, please see this handout.

13. Study Abroad Scholarships is a required reading which provides a starting point on researching study abroad scholarships. Since many scholarship deadlines approach quickly and can vary by programs, it is helpful to begin this process early.

Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad if you would like to open a study abroad application. More information regarding the sections of the application are below but further information is available inside your individual Brandeis online study abroad account.