Office of Study Abroad

Brandeis in Siena Artwork Gallery

Check out work by participants in Brandeis in Siena during the summer of 2022!
painting of a sea woman like figure with a skirt made of circling water and animals on a black background; there is an owl on the top right

Work by Adie Woolf

painting of a yellow house with a blurry night sky in the background

Work by Xinpeng Jin

painting of Venice, Italy; boats sitting in a canal surrounded by buildings along both sides

Work by Sarah Eckstein Indik

painting of 3 figures sleeping and two figures above them, one of the figures is portrayed with only the bust and wings

Work by Pilar Duvivier

painting of part of an orange/brown building on a blue and orange ombre background

Work by Melanie Perry

painting of a deck with a bench looking out on the Tuscan landscape of rolling hills and greenery

Work by Lindsey Odorizzi

painting of a still-life containing the back of an elephant-looking creature on blue fabric with other still-life items to either side

Work by Ladriel Roach

painting of a shadowed tree in the center with buildings and light night sky in the background

Work by Kaleigh Sislen

painting of a gold building on a dark blue-gray background

Work by Juliette Lillywhite

painting of gold buildings reflecting light from the sun

Work by Judiana Moise

painting of a figure wearing a long gown surrounded by random small objects on a dark blue background

Work by Jiayi Zhang

painting of scene from Venice, Italy; buildings and boats surrounded by water

Work by Jenny Zhao

painting of an unclothed male-presenting figure, visible from the torso up, inside of an object; painting has a blue tint

Work by Isabelle Hammer

painting of a man in gold with a sword stepping on a dark creature with lights and a figure behind him

Work by Henry Green

painting of a door entrance on a blue/gray background

Work by Ella Amouyal

painting of an alleyway and buildings on either side

Work by Elianna Gerut

painting with colorful shapes and strokes

Work by Chris Tian

painting of a still life; miscellaneous objects on a brownish/red cloth on a blue and yellow ombre background

Work by Avery Donovan

Painting of a woman wearing a white fabric outfit exposing a breast while holding a pointed object pointing at herself; at the bottom, there are figures looking up at her

Work by Astrid Schneider

painting of a man who is bald and has a gray beard next to a window looking out on a blossoming tree

Work by Anna Kehoe

painting of a bridge underpass over water with buildings in the distance

Work by Anita Keltcher

painting of a still life; miscellaneous objects on a brownish/red cloth on a blue background

Work by Allison Arazi

painting of Venice, Italy; buildings on a canel; painting has a green tint

Work by Ally Sukay

painting of a still life; miscellaneous objects on a brownish/red cloth on the right and the back of a plaster cast on the left

Work by Angel Zhao

painting of the side of a red- and purple-hued building with an ombre blue background

Work by Angela Shi