Dates and Schedule

Brandeis students on an excursion in Italy

Students on Brandeis in Siena on an extra-curricular excursion to Rome

Photo Credit: Aileen Cahill, Brandeis in Siena 2021

Tentative Dates: Early July 2024 - Mid August 2024

Note: You should not attempt to purchase any flights until you are accepted into the program and provided instructions as to arrival details.


Brandeis in Siena is an intensive program where you will have art history and studio art courses four days a week for the full day. Cultural excursions on the remaining days of the week fill up the rest of the time.

Over the course of the program, you will be exposed to a range of painting techniques, from traditional to the contemporary, and a breadth of Italian masterpieces from the Renaissance across Tuscany. In addition to the field trips of artistic significance, you will also be introduced to aspects of Italian cultural life through non-art related excursions.

In the beginning of the program, there will be an onsite orientation that will help familiarize you to the unique setting of Siena, Italy and introduce you to basic aspects of Italian language and culture.

Orli Swergold

Alumni Spotlight

Orli Swergold '18

Major: Studio Art and Art History

Program: Brandeis in Siena, Summer 2016

Orli Swergold '18 participated on Brandeis in Siena to see important works of art in situ and to improve her studio skills. After the program, she declared an art history major and studied abroad in Italy again. Since graduating from Brandeis, she completed her fine art post-baccalaureate and is now an MFA candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.