Study Abroad Scholarships

Below you will find a few examples of Brandeis scholarships and outside funding sources which may be helpful as you plan for study abroad.

Scholarships for Brandeis Students

Scholarships for World Language Study

National Scholarships

Program-Specific Scholarships

Many institutions will offer grants and scholarships for students studying abroad on their program. Listed below are some of the funding options available through a few of the more popular programs for Brandeis students. Be sure to check with your individual program to see if they offer any merit and/or need-based scholarships.

Other National Scholarship Resources

Please note that not all information applies to the Brandeis study abroad experience.

Study Abroad After Graduation

Students interested in learning more about international scholarships for study abroad after graduation, (i.e. Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall), can check out the Scholarships and Fellowships website.