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Study Abroad Scholarships

Students can help fund their study abroad experience by applying to a wide range of scholarships and grants through Brandeis, national organizations, and their study abroad programs. Meet with a Study Abroad staff member today to talk through eligibility and application requirements.

Scholarships for Brandeis students

Scholarship Name General Deadlines Eligibility Range
Brandeis Sachar Study Abroad Scholarships March 1, 2024 (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)
  • Students eligible for need-based financial aid
  • Students going to China with or without financial aid
Typically $500-$1,500
The Crown Center for Middle East Studies

October (Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Funds toward research, internships, language and area studies in the Middle East
Up to $3,000
Jane's Travel Grant

November (Fall)

March (Spring)

  • Priority to LACLS majors/minors
  • Academic project or internship in Latin America
Up to $3,500
CGES Research and Travel Award

Rolling (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Research and study in Germany or Austria.
Up to $1,200

Frances Eizenstat ‘65 Undergraduate Israel Travel Grant Program

March (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Study in Israel

Ruth Gollan Prize in Hebrew

April (Year, Fall)

November (Spring)

  • Students pursuing a program of study in Hebrew while in Israel at an Israeli University.

Brandeis-India Fellows Program

April (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Students conducting research, interning or volunteering with a local organization in India

National Scholarships

Scholarship Name General Deadlines Eligibility Range
Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships Program

March (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)

October (Spring and Summer)

  • Recipient of a Federal Pell Grant
  • Child of active duty military member
Up to $5,000 ( +$3,000 if critical language)
Boren Scholarships, The National Security Education Program (NSEP)

December (campus deadline, which differs from the national deadline)

  • Funds are to be used toward studying less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests but underrepresented in traditional study abroad.
$20,000 for a full academic year (preferred), up to 10,000 for a semester and up to $8,000 for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors for summer programs of eight weeks or longer.
Bridging Scholarships Japan

March (Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Study in Japan
$2,500 for semester; $4,000 for year
BUTEX United Kingdom

June (Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Studying at a UK institution which is a member of BUTEX (UCL, Queen Mary, LSE, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh)
Diverse International Women of Color (DIWC) scholarship

May (Summer)

November (Spring)

  • For women of color eligible for financial aid
Fund for Education Abroad

January (Summer,  Year, and Fall)

September (Spring)

  • General scholarships
  • Preference for students demonstrating high financial need
  • Specific scholarships for students studying with AUC, CET, IFSA, SFS, and SIT
Up to $10,000

April (Summer, Year, Fall, and Spring)

  • Study in Asia for students with financial need
Up to $5,000 for semester; $7,000 for academic year; $3,000 for summer
MASA Grants Israel


  • For Jewish undergraduates studying in Israel
$1,000 to $2,000
Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship

April (Fall)

November (Spring)

  • For US citizens, permanent resident, or those studying in the US on a student visa

Program-Specific Scholarships

Program Deadline Eligibility Range
American University of Cairo

May (Fall)

October (Spring)

  • Students studying in departments like Arabic language, Politics, History, and Middle East Studies


  • Eligibility based on financial need
Boston University

April (Summer)

May (Year and Fall)

November (Spring)

  • Need-based and merit awards
Typically $1,000 to $5,000

At time of program application

  • Need-based, merit, and diversity and inclusion scholarships
$500 to $1,500


  • CIEE Gilman Go grant for students applying for the Gilman scholarship
  • Need-based and merit based awards
Up to $4,000

April (Fall)

October (Spring)

  • Need-based and merit based awards
Up to $6,000


  • Range of scholarships: students with disabilities, parents who studied with IES, diverse backgrounds, need-based, and merit based.
Up to $2,000

March (Summer)

April (Fall)

November (Spring)

  • 14 different scholarships, need and merit based
$1,500 to $3,000

April (Fall)

October (Spring)

  • Supports students on Learning Abroad Center programs (UMN, MSID)

March (Summer)

May (Fall)

November (Spring)

  • Pell grant match
  • Posse Scholar scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships
$500 to $5,000
SFS After program acceptance
  • Need-based and donor scholarships

Other National Scholarship Resources

  • has developed a personalized scholarship directory that allows students, families, and education abroad professionals to search for study abroad grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities.
  • IES Abroad has compiled scholarship links organized by identity and other categories.

Study Abroad After Graduation

Students interested in learning more about international scholarships for study abroad after graduation, (i.e. Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall), can check out the Scholarships and Fellowships website.