Office of Study Abroad

Billing for Off-Campus Study

Students can expect to pay two bills during a study abroad semester: Brandeis University charges and study abroad program charges.
*Information on this page is specific to students interested in semester or year programs abroad. Read more about summer finances here.

Brandeis Charges During a Study Abroad Semester

For each semester abroad, a student's Brandeis University account will be charged the following:

  • Brandeis University Tuition and Required Student Fees (mandatory): $31,161 per semester (current rate for 2022-23).

2023-24 tuition/fee rates will be available at a later date. Please check Student Financial Services' website for more information.

  • International Sickness and Accident Insurance (if not provided by the program): All Brandeis University students who participate in an approved study abroad program must ensure they obtain coverage from a comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance plan. Many programs will automatically enroll students in a comprehensive plan. Students enrolled in an approved program that does not provide comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance coverage will be required to enroll in the Brandeis CISI insurance plan at a cost of $41/month.
  • Brandeis University Qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP) Insurance (if applicable): If you normally are enrolled in this plan when you are on the Brandeis campus, you will also need this coverage when you are abroad, according to Massachusetts State Law. If you are not enrolled in this plan because you have outside insurance coverage (through your parents, etc.), you will need to fill out the Insurance Waiver before you depart for your program, as you do every year. More information about this insurance can be found on the Health Center's website.

Room and board will not be on your Brandeis bill.

Study Abroad Program Charges

For each semester, students will be billed some or all of the following charges from their study abroad program. All study abroad programs are different and you should check with your program for site-specific information. Some programs do not arrange for all of the below (like flights) and you may have to arrange them independently.

  • program deposit*
  • room and board
  • flights
  • insurance
  • books
  • visa, entry and exit taxes, passport fees
  • local transportation

*Most programs will require a deposit  confirm your intent to participate. In most cases, this deposit will be applied to your abroad housing bill. Please check with your program directly regarding this matter. 

Brandeis Payments to Study Abroad Programs

During an approved off-campus study semester, Brandeis University will pay the tuition and academic charges to the study abroad program, on the student's behalf.

Please note that for programs that list a "program fee" as their only charge, Brandeis will only be paying for the tuition and academic portion of that fee. Please contact the study abroad program directly if you are not sure what is included in their "program fee," and they will provide more detail. These programs will send a bill with the tuition and academic charges to Brandeis.

If you have been approved by Brandeis to study abroad and have received a bill including tuition or an academic fee from your study abroad program, you should inform your program that the Brandeis Office of Study Abroad should be billed for that portion of your fees.

Please contact the Office of Study Abroad with any questions about this payment process.

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