Health Preparation

  • Nabonita Hoq in Peru

    "I was only able to go travel to the Amazon Rainforest with my program because I had gotten my yellow fever vaccination prior to leaving for Peru!" - Nita Hoq ’17

  • Preparing prior to departure and taking care of yourself while abroad are both extremely important in having a rewarding time abroad. Keeping yourself healthy should be a top priority.

    It is important to remember that studying abroad can be stressful both physically and mentally. A healthy mind and body are essential for a successful study abroad experience.

    Before you leave, you should:

    Note: The incidence of tuberculosis is higher in many other parts of the world than in the United States. Although it is not a routine vaccination for many destinations, it is wise to ask your health care provider about getting vaccinated against some of the strongest strands of tuberculosis. Also remember that some countries may require an AIDS test, chest X-ray, or proof of a yellow fever shot before allowing you to enter.

    Tips for Health Preparation