Student Life

Brandeis Summer ’19 students in Copenhagen

Brandeis Summer ’19 students in Copenhagen


Prior to the start of the program, the Office of Study Abroad will run a pre-departure meeting to help prepare students for their time abroad. For students who are unable to attend, an online orientation will be held. Students will also receive a number of different pre-departure materials addressing the following topics:

Students will also be required to submit a number of forms prior to departure.

In Copenhagen, an orientation program will help students adjust to their new environment and familiarize themselves with the various support services available for their use.

Housing and Meals

You will be placed in DIS Copenhagen housing that includes a furnished room, shared kitchen and common bathrooms. Students are responsible for grocery shopping and cooking for themselves. Doing your own shopping is a great way to engage with the local culture and cooking together is an ideal way to build community with your fellow participants. Your housing will be within the city of Copenhagen and within walking distance or via public transportation.

Field Trips and Cultural Events

Copenhagen comes alive in the summer. The city streets and parks buzz with festivals, seasonal markets, cultural events and outdoor music performances. With 18 hours of daylight, the days are long and filled with things to do. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of field trips to get to know the city, as well as a weekend excursion to either Western Denmark or Sweden during the program. Local student services and cultural events for the students on this program will be coordinated between the Office of Study Abroad and DIS Copenhagen.

Independent Travel

It is understandable that students will want to explore other parts of Denmark and Europe. Students are required to attend classes throughout the week and are expected to schedule their independent travel for the weekends and holidays. In addition, Brandeis requires that all students leave a basic copy of their itinerary with a staff member so that students can be quickly contacted in case of an emergency.

As the program is an intensive experience, extensive travel during the program is not advisable.

Computers and Library Access

DIS Copenhagen maintains a study and reference library with thousands of resources, a cinema and study space. All DIS buildings are equipped with Wi-Fi. Most students choose to bring their own laptop, but DIS also has 24-hour computer labs available.