Family Stories

Parents and family members have taken the time to reflect on their student's experience abroad and have shared some of their insights, hopes, and thoughts. Contact us if you'd like to share yours as well.

"The summer semester in Copenhagen is yet another example of what makes Brandeis so special. The communication from the Office of Study Abroad preceding the trip, the parent Zoom information meeting, the extra measures taken regarding COVID, the detailed updates, the housing, and most importantly the actual program were outstanding. Griffin found the coursework interesting and relevant, the small class sizes perfect for robust discussion, and the country excursions fascinating. In his free time, he enjoyed the city with his newfound semester abroad friends."
— Parents of a student on Brandeis in Copenhagen, Denmark

"We hoped that by being out of the United States and in another country [our daughter] would gain a new and different perspective of [her] life growing up in the United States. We hoped [she] would gain a greater understanding of how people in another country live and allow that new information to impact [her] in whatever way it would. We believed that living and studying abroad would "broaden" [her] as a person —  expose [her] to new and different food, people, beliefs about how the world works, institutions, etc. And, we thought that it would offer [her] a new kind of independence from home/us as we wouldn't be around and [she] would have to make decisions based on how [she] thought they should be made."

— Parents of student studying abroad in South Africa

"The hardest part was having her so far away, especially when she was sick, and not being able to get to her. We were not able to Skype, so it was hard not seeing her, to be able to look in her eyes to be sure she was alright. It was also very hard knowing that she was having wonderful and also difficult experiences and not being able to share them with her. The best part was hearing about her adventures and seeing her pictures; also knowing that she was having memorable experiences that would stay with her and affect her throughout her life."

— Parent of a student studying abroad in Nepal

"Academically, I liked hearing about a history class where the teacher took them out to explore real-life examples of what they were discussing. I also liked the many stories about the relationship that developed between [my daughter] and her 'mother' and 'father.' I liked hearing about the food they served, about the conversations they had and about the Spanish soap operas that she watched with her 'mom.' "

— Parent of a student studying abroad in Spain

"To be able to study abroad is an experience that everyone should consider and realize because you get to understand better other people's way of living, and their habits and traditions. It also enriches the way of seeing the world for a young person. They become more open minded."

— Parent of a student studying abroad in Russia

"So many things — the chance to be immersed in another culture, to be able to observe and think about her life and her home country from a completely different perspective, to meet and get to know Moroccans as well as students from other colleges who shared her interest in studying in Morocco, to travel and improve her Arabic language skills, and the opportunity to be bold, independent, and adventurous."

— Parent of a student studying abroad in Morocco