Financial FAQs

Why do I have to pay Brandeis tuition when I am studying abroad?

Students approved to study abroad pay Brandeis tuition and required student fees, thereby maintaining their status as currently enrolled students; as such, they are able to receive credit towards their Brandeis degrees and to utilize any of their financial aid that is applicable toward study abroad.

The primary reason for this policy is one of equity and basic fairness. This policy makes the study abroad experience more accessible to all Brandeis students, regardless of their or their families' financial circumstances and ability to pay. Nearly half of all Brandeis students receive Brandeis grants and we provide this financial aid to ensure that the educational opportunity is distributed according to merit, not merely the ability to pay.

Will my financial aid status affect my chances of being accepted by Brandeis to study abroad?

No, the Brandeis internal study abroad application is need-blind. However, please note that some specific scholarships are non-transferable, such as those that require students’ participation in campus events, or that bring international students to the U.S.

To find out which scholarships are transferable to a study abroad experience, please see the Financial Aid Portability page. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your Student Financial Services advisor to review your individual financial aid package as it relates to study abroad if you have any questions.

Can I use my Brandeis Financial Aid while studying abroad?

Most Brandeis grants and scholarships are applicable for study abroad in an amount not to exceed the cost of Brandeis tuition and required student fees.

Note: If the study abroad program room, board, and applicable fees are lower than those at Brandeis, the amount awarded for Alumni and Friends or Trustee Scholarships may be reduced. 

There are a few Brandeis scholarships/grants that are not applicable for study abroad because their purpose is to bring international students to the Brandeis campus:

  • Malkin Scholarship

  • Slifka Scholarship

  • Full Wien Scholarship, and

  • Any scholarship with an aspect that requires participation in on-campus activities

Students may use federal financial aid, including Stafford Loans and Pell Grants.

We suggest you also consult the scholarships page for information on applying for Study Abroad scholarships.

If you have further questions about your financial aid, please make an appointment to speak with your financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Is Brandeis or the student responsible for paying the program deposit?

The student is responsible for paying any initial program deposits. Your program will credit your deposit towards the non-tuition expenses for which you are responsible.