Dates and Schedule

students in classroom

Tentative Dates: Late May 2024 – Early July 2024

Note: You should not attempt to purchase any flights until you are accepted into the program and provided instructions as to arrival details.


The program is an intensive program where students will be in the classroom, visiting sites and listening to guest lectures. Students are expected to attend class on-time and participate in all program activities.

In the beginning of the program, there will be an on-site orientation that will help familiarize students to the unique setting of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and introduce students to basic aspects of Spanish language and culture. This orientation will last two to three days and will include a walking tour of San Juan, an overview of basic information about living in San Juan, such as grocery shopping and public transportation, and other important information. Important discussions will also be had regarding academic expectations for the program and health and safety protocols for individuals and the group.

After orientation, classes will meet regularly for the duration of the five-week program. Because this program fits a full semester of class into just five weeks, each of the two courses meets for 1.5-3 hours per day, five days per week. This means that students can expect to be in class 15-30 hours per week. This intensive academic schedule allows students to learn the material in-depth within a short period of time. Some weeks, especially towards the beginning of the program, have heavier class schedules while other weeks, such as those including study tours and site visits, have lighter class schedules to allow time for site visits.

Academic excursions during the program will include site visits to locations which may include el Yunque, kayaking in the mangroves, Culebra, coral reef labs, and others.

If you have questions about the daily schedule on Brandeis in Puerto Rico, please contact Ari Kramer.