Spend Fall Semester Abroad

A student stands in the fall leaves and grass

Many Brandeis students are already embracing the challenge to understand global issues by traveling abroad to experience different cultures first hand. However, certain study abroad options, especially those offered in the fall, are underutilized by Brandeis students. In an effort to encourage students to take full advantage of the opportunities to study abroad and to more fully integrate their international experience with the rest of their academic career at Brandeis and beyond, the Office of Study Abroad is excited to highlight the many advantages of studying abroad in the fall.

There is no right or wrong time to study abroad. If you are trying to figure out when is the best time for YOU to go overseas, schedule an appointment with any one of the study abroad staff and we will be glad to help you think through your options!

Reasons to Study Abroad in the Fall

There are some great reasons students might want to consider going away for the fall semester. Below is a list of reasons that studying abroad in the fall can be a great advantage to you.