Ilana Bauman in Madagascar

Ilana Bauman '19 spent her summer studying traditional medicine and healthcare systems in Madagascar

In order to be eligible to study abroad in the summer, students must:

Programs will have their own eligibility requirements that students should meet.

Summer courses taken abroad on approved programs, in a country that is not a student's home country, may be counted as numeric credit and may count towards the 128 credits required to graduate. On most summer programs, students can earn 8 credits out of 16 maximum that a student can transfer into the university. If you have met this limit or if you are taking classes in your home country, you may use summer study abroad courses to fulfill "purpose" (i.e. placement, pre-requisite, general university, Core, and major/minor requirement) requirements instead.

See the following handout for more information. Please contact a study abroad staff member if you have more questions about summer credit.