To study abroad during the academic year, you must...

Brandeis Semesters

To be eligible for a semester or academic year of Study Abroad, students must be a member of the junior class or a first-semester senior and must return to Brandeis for at least one semester at an eligible rate of work in order to receive credit.

Students entering as first years are required to complete a minimum of seven full-time semesters from Brandeis fall/spring semesters, approved fall/spring Study Abroad programs or approved Justice Brandeis Semester programs. At most one of these seven semesters may be a Study Abroad Semester or a summer Justice Brandeis Semester. For students wishing to complete two semesters of study abroad, or two summer Justice Brandeis Semesters, or one semester of each, the minimum number of semesters becomes eight full-time semesters. A Justice Brandeis Semester in the fall, spring, or summer with fall extension counts in the same manner as a regular fall or spring semester at Brandeis.

For further information about Brandeis Semesters and Study Abroad, please review information from Academic Services, this handout, or meet with an advisor. (You may also consult the Brandeis Bulletin for more information about this topic.)

Transfer Students

It is possible for most transfer students to study abroad, provided that you complete a minimum of four full-time semesters from Brandeis fall/spring semesters. Additionally, you cannot have more than 64 transfer credits when you apply to study abroad.

Download the Transfer Student Eligibility handout

Midyear Students

Midyear students can absolutely study abroad! Once you've earned at least 64 credits, you are eligible to study abroad for a semester. Since students are required to be on campus 6 semesters, students entering as a midyear student can typically go abroad for one semester. Many will go spring of their junior year or fall if they've transferred in credit. Please read the Brandeis Semesters, Advanced Placement, and Study Abroad handout carefully.


Sophomores are allowed to study abroad during the summer before or after their sophomore year. Only students who are juniors or first semester seniors may study abroad during the academic year.


It is possible to study abroad fall semester of your senior year at Brandeis. We recommend that you set up an appointment with a member of the study abroad staff and we may refer you to the Office of the Registrar (781-736-2018) or your class advisor in Academic Services (Usdan 130, 781-736-3470) to ensure you are on schedule with your graduation requirements.

Brandeis regulations state that students must spend their final semester before graduation on the Brandeis campus. There is no petitioning this policy.