Office of Study Abroad

Brandeis-Run Program Development

Brandeis Professor Jonathan Unglaub teaches a group of Brandeis students on Brandeis in Siena

Brandeis Professor Jonathan Unglaub teaches a group of Brandeis students on Brandeis in Siena

Any academic study abroad program or program with international components of any length of time (e.g., JBS programs) arranged for Brandeis students by an academic unit, faculty or staff member must be approved through a process facilitated by the Office of Study Abroad.

The Office of Study Abroad and the Brandeis-Run Study Abroad Committee supports the Standards of Good Practice of the Forum on Education Abroad and endeavors to use them as a guideline when creating, monitoring and evaluating Brandeis University overseas programs.

Information, forms and resources to assist Brandeis University faculty members and administrators in development of aforementioned programs are provided below.

Proposal and Approval Process Overview

Proposals for faculty-led study abroad programs may originate with individual faculty members. But it is expected that the university also take a proactive approach to considering how many faculty-led programs it can realistically support, which content areas best reflect the university’s strengths, which countries and regions provide connections to Brandeis resources, which locations have reasonable health, safety and legal risk, as well as which types of partner institutions or program providers match-up best.

The Brandeis-Run Study Abroad Committee may even solicit specific proposals based on some of these criteria. In any case, however, the leading faculty member should be responsible for initiating and following through with a formal proposal process, in consultation with the Office of Study Abroad.

The approval process is designed to maintain the integrity of Brandeis' international activities. Before initiating any study abroad or international activity for students, Brandeis faculty and administrators must obtain approval. Examples of such activities include:

  1. Brandeis-Run Programs abroad during either the summer or academic year
  2. Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) programs that include one or more of its three courses having an overseas component of any length of time
  3. Any other courses with an international aspect designed by a Brandeis faculty member, administrator, department or school

Proposals should be submitted at least 18 months in advance of the anticipated program start date.

Resources for Brandeis-Run Program Development