Office of Study Abroad

Outline of a Brandeis-Run Study Abroad Program Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Brandeis-Run Study Abroad Program Development Proposal.

Brandeis University takes a proactive approach to considering how many faculty-run programs it can realistically support, which content areas best reflect the university’s strengths, which countries and regions provide connections to Brandeis resources, which locations have reasonable health, safety, and legal risk, as well as which types of partner institutions or program providers match-up best. This questionnaire and the entire program development process is designed to assist in this effort and to maintain the integrity of Brandeis' international activities. Please follow the Guidelines for Proposals to obtain the necessary approval before initiating any study abroad or international activity for students.

Information, forms, and resources to assist Brandeis University faculty members and administrators in development of programs are provided on the Office of Study Abroad website. The staff in the Office of Study Abroad are also available to help you and answer any questions you may have. Meeting with the staff to initially discuss your proposal and talk about ways of supporting the mission through various resources before completing this proposal is strongly encouraged.

A successful proposal should incorporate at least information in each of the following focus areas:

Brandeis has a set of standards to describe the procedure for registering students, collecting fees, paying program costs abroad, enrolling participants in student health insurance, conducting checks of academic and disciplinary records, collecting and retaining documents (e.g. Participant Agreement, Release & Waiver Forms, etc.). Please feel free to talk to the Assistant Director to answer any questions you have. Once your proposal is approved, more information will be available in the Faculty Director Handbook.