Office of Study Abroad

Environmental Studies: Applied Learning Experience

All Environmental Studies majors and minors must complete an Applied Learning Experience. One (of three) options to complete the Applied Learning Experience is through a pre-approved study abroad program. Learn more about the Applied Learning Experience options here.

Studying abroad is enthusiastically supported by the faculty in Environmental Studies as a way to broaden perspectives on environmental issues and provide understanding in an ecological context. Students wishing to complete the Applied Learning Experience by going abroad can do so by participating in one of the pre-approved study abroad programs. Programs with a strong environmental focus, tight integration, fieldwork, and major study projects will typically fill the requirement (e.g., most SFS and many SIT programs). In general, programs that consist of several unrelated classroom-based courses will not be approved.

Below is the full list of pre-approved study abroad programs:

*Students participating in the DIS Copenhagen programs can fulfill the Applied Learning Experience for the Environmental Studies program if they participate in either the Environmental Science of the Arctic program or the Sustainability program. Students should plan on enrolling in a DIS 'core course' in one of these programs and copmlement that course with a minimum of 2 of the related environmental electives in that program.