Campus Life and Resources

Exchange students sit around a table

Exchange students enjoy lunch at Faneuil Hall in Boston during orientation

Brandeis has more than 250 student-run clubs and organizations, including service organizations, cultural awareness groups, performing groups, spiritual and religious groups, sports and games clubs, student leadership and activism groups, student publications, a television station (BTV) and a radio station (WBRS).

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In spring semester, you can experience:

  • Fall Fest
  • I Am Global Week
  • Louis Louis Week

In spring semester, you can experience:

  • Spring Fest
  • Festival of the Arts
  • DEIS Impact
  • Culture X

Gosman Sports Center

The Gosman Sports Center is open every day of the week and has an indoor pool, tennis and basketball courts, weight room, exercise equipment, and more.

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Spiritual Life

The chaplains of Brandeis University warmly welcome you to the Brandeis community. As Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, they welcome students of all faiths.

Brandeis encourages and supports all expressions of spiritual and religious life on campus. The university’s three chapels — the Berlin Chapel (Jewish), the Bethlehem Chapel (Catholic) and the Harlan Chapel (Protestant) — serve as the focal point of spiritual and religious activity on campus. In addition, a Muslim prayer room and resource center are located in the Usdan Student Center. If you have any religious needs while at Brandeis, please let us know in advance so we may make accommodations for you.

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All international exchange students participate in an orientation program prior to classes starting. Orientation allows students to get to know others, learn about how to get involved on campus, and more!

“My advice to future exchange students is to become part of a student organization. It makes your life at Brandeis busier and enjoyable!”

Soo Young Lee, Korea University, Spring 2017 exchange student